Episode 003: Chris Xefos – Musician dude, recording engineer dude, music producer guy, sometime songwriter, sometime music writer, sometime politico dude, cookie lover, fat guy, fat guy lover and art lover.

Episode 004: Tony Plaza – Beard aficionado and Gay Softball Team Captain of the Moby Dick Seamen visits the elements.

Episode 005: John Ashfield – Member of the Bobbleheads and The Whoa Nellies this busy man visits with some great stories and good cookies.

Episode 006: Ben Holder – Living an amazing, unapologetic life in San Francisco!! SINGER / PERFORMER / PRODUCER /WRITER / DJ / EVENT PRODUCER. Lovin life in SF and playing in the artist playground~! Handball anyone? If you CAN do it … why not? I DO NOT sit on the sidelines. The lighting is better in the middle of the dancefloor ;)

Episode 007: SF Moviebears – We are a group of Bears, Cubs and their admirers, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We like to gather together and take in a movie.  It’s a night of great fun, great conversation and a chance to relax, hang out, visit with friends, meet new friends, and take in a movie together. Sometimes, we will do a Karaoke night, or some show related to bears.  Even expanding to coordinating group live theatre outings.

Episode 008: Balls of Furry Volleyball team is for “bears,” “cubs,” various variants of bears and cubs, as well as friends, supporters and fans. We are based in San Francisco.

Episode 009: Jeffrey Glover – Man about town, creator of many companies, founder of Bears in the Park (SF) and Castro’s unofficial mayor.

Episode 010: The Kat – Backpacker, Hostel Expert and Kinkster.

Episode 011: Thomas and Frank. Thomas is well versed regarding the ins and outs of Fair Trade. Him and Frank just moved back to the Bay Area.

Episode 012: Brandon from 360Skin. He’s an Medical Esthetician which means … well listen and hear us scream!

Episode 013: Richard “DiscoPup” Dupler editor and composer. Come behind the scenes of the gay porn industry.

Episode 014: Ed Luce creator of the Wuvable Oaf. His deep voice and opinions make for a great episode.

Episode 015: Killer Bob! Owner of Killer Bob Graphics. His designs are great and geared for the Bear community.

Episode 016: Joe LaVilla author, Dean and looks great in Speedos.

Episode 017: Mike and Alex from the New Eagle. Everyone far and wide are excited about the bars re-opening. The upgrades and changes will impress you!

Episode 018: Tareq! He’s Middle Eastern and full of interesting information on Arabic culture.

Episode 019: Kevin Thomas! Hotel Sales, Writer and all around fantastic guy.

Episode 020: The Harts! A dynamic San Francisco couple with many projects. Oh, and don’t forget the Koozies!

Episode 021: Ron Braun! Anesthesiologist and DJ. His great sense of humor and stories will delight you!

Episode 022: Donovan! Training for the AIDS Lifecycle takes up most of his time but his DJ gig REDDROXX at the Lone Star brings in the men!

Episode 023: Mike “Accidental Bear” has quite a cool project going on. The AB Queer Music Summer Tour kicks off soon and is keeping him busy. Proceeds of the tour go to mental health issues.